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Product name: clothing reminder card

Material: coated paper

Process: hot stamping / hot silver / UV / coating / bulging

Size: customized

Color: customized

Packaging: shipping carton, we can also accept customer's customized packaging requirements

Uses: Gifts; Clothing; Toys; Food; Jewelry; Cosmetics, etc.

Customization: support customization with drawings and samples


clothing reminder card Imported coated paper can be used,with various thicknesses such as 250 grams,300 grams,350 grams,400 grams,and 450 grams.clothing reminder cardhas the characteristics of low cost,strong confidentiality,environmental protection and energy saving.The paper card is made of double-sided coated paper,and the printing gloss is as high as 95%.The front and back of the card body are protected by varnish or lamination process to protect the graphics and text on the printing surface.


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