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Custom Ribbon Labels with Washed Logo for Underwear
Custom Ribbon Labels with Washed Logo for Underwear

Custom Ribbon Labels with Washed Logo for Underwear


Products Name:  Custom Ribbon Labels with Washed Logo for Underwear

Material:  Polyester,Cotton, Fabric,

Type:  size label,washing label, garment and clothing label,etc

Size:  Customized

Color:  Customized

Packing:  shipping cartons,also we can accept customer's custom packaging requirements

use:  garment;home textile, toy,etc

custom made:  Support customized drawings and samples


Q1. What is the minimum order quantity for wash labels?

Our minimum order quantity is 300 pieces. Anything below this value cannot be produced for you at low cost. 

Q2. Can I see samples of washed labels before they're all made?

Yes. Free samples after payment, we will email you a sewn sample of the actual label within five working days after the artwork is approved. 

Q3. Will my tags look like my artwork?

Yes, your label looks just like the artwork it's based on. Printed labels are a good option if your designs have very small or very fine details.

Q4. How do I choose a color?

Unless you have a specific pantone; or the exact color that must be used in your design, our artists will try to match the color in your design to our thread color as much as possible (we don't always guarantee an exact match). Please contact us for a thread color chart. 

Q5. Why choose Qingdao Linhe Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd.?

a. Excellent quality and competitive price.

b. Strict quality control during production, we will regularly show photos or videos to customers.

c. Efficient response to make business easier and faster.

d. After-sales service, if there is any quality problem, we will provide new products for replacement. 

Q6: What is the delivery time?

This will be 7-14 days, depending on the complexity and volume of the process.


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