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How the printing shop owner conducts quality control

August 16, 2022

For the current epidemic situation, the difficulties of the service industry this year are obvious to all. Printing is also a special industry. The service industry, as a printing factory, is the driving force for continuous development. The printing quality is not only reflected in the cost of quotation, but also in high efficiency and Professional service also plays a pivotal role, it can continuously strengthen and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, and can also enable enterprises to develop for a long time.

How does a printing factory owner control quality? This is not just about setting up a quality inspection department and supporting some tools to test the quality. The printing industry is a customized industry, and some printed products are not single, and standard quality inspection tools cannot be used uniformly. To measure, quality control is a common topic for every printing factory, but it can be said that it is rare to achieve stable quality.

For the manufacturer, if the real quality control is to be realized, it also needs the position on the hardware, software and equipment, and the same machine and equipment, and it is a problem of current market positioning. For now, for now, it is a worthwhile thing to do. How big is the demand for a certain brand, and how valuable is the EIA question? For the production results of the printing plant, there is no major impact, then better system control cannot be achieved under the continuous control of the large leakage device, then in the case of large printing plants to determine the printing plant, there are already many more advanced The equipment can be invested, and the advanced printing equipment has greatly improved the efficiency and quality, thus ensuring the cycle of production, so it will inevitably bring more production costs and customer return rate, in fact, it is also a cycle stage.