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Cosmetic packaging box production needs to go through what process

March 23, 2022

The popularity of the cosmetics market leads to more and more brand types, in order to attract the attention of consumers to a large extent, cosmetic packaging box design has emerged in endlessly, no matter the ever-changing design, packaging is always inseparable from the support of the process, take the commonly used white card carton, what process to go through?

A, printing  Cosmetic packaging box production is the first step to print, printing manufacturers use offset printing (color printing). Color printing is through 4 primary colors, magenta, yellow, cyan, black ink through the color of the mix to print the desired color effect. Special gold, special silver, special red and other special color printing. In addition to ordinary offset printing, printing materials under different circumstances need to adjust the printing method, such as all kinds of gold card paper paper, the printing method is UV printing. The more spot colors a client provides in a design document, the higher the printing cost will be. When printing cosmetics color box, printing gold and silver is also a kind of printing effect to improve the grade.  

Second, the process  After printing, it is necessary to carry out surface treatment process, including laminating process and glazing oil. They are a common production process. The direct effect is to protect the printing surface from abrasion. For example, in the production of color box, gray board paper in the printing of a darker color, if there is no polishing oil treatment, the whole surface will increase the feeling of darkness and old degree, and after the printing surface of the polishing oil, the overall brightness will increase, and the visual will give a person a new look. Cosmetic packaging carton rarely used varnish process. More use to other processes such as laminating, bronzing, silver stamping, UV, concave and convex, embossing and other processes, the role is to increase the high-end and exquisite packaging products.  

Third, die-cutting  Die - cutting is a necessary process before paste box. Make knife version through the box structure selected before designing the drawing. Die cutting will be installed in the die cutting machine, after a professional die cutting master on the good position and Angle line a piece according to the shape of the knife die cutting into the shape of expansion. Die-cutting size deviation in about 1 mm belong to the normal range.  

Fourth, pasting box  After die-cutting, the printing surface has been removed useless edges and corners, and the last thing to do is to paste the box forming. When pasting the box, it is necessary to carefully align the line position. If there are high and low lines (the upper and lower lines are not aligned) and bell mouth (the paste box line exceeds the mouth position line), they are unqualified products. Qingdao Linhe packaging and printing in the paste box will be completed when the product spot check detection. Qualified products can be packed and sent to customers for use.  

This is only a few card box production process, for cosmetics packaging design, there are many new processes, new technology. We can use different process combinations according to the actual needs in the design to achieve a better presentation effect.