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Printing washing labels, which printing method is better?

April 06, 2022

Washing label is not only called washing label, but also called:printed label, washing label, cloth label,ingredient label, etc. It is a label made of several special materials, but the material is similar to ordinary paper. The label is different, it can be washed without fading, it is durable, and it still maintains a clear image after washing with detergent (including dry cleaning). Under normal circumstances, the washing label of clothes is usually in the back collar, back waist or on the side seam. You can see it when you take off your clothes. It is mainly to print some clothing parameters and precautions. If it is on the back collar. In that position, some people will feel that the skin is rubbed. We can cut it off with scissors after buying it, and it will not affect the beauty of the clothes.

The washing labels we have been exposed to more often include: washing labels for coats, washing labels for underwear, washing labels for quilts, washing labels for plush toys, washing labels for towels, etc. Merchants can customize different types of washinglabels according to different needs. Which printing method is better? The most suitable printing method for printing washed labels is rotary printing. Printed wash label Why do you say that? Rotary printing includes ordinary rotary machine printing and flexible machine printing. Ordinary rotary machine printing has moderate cost and high speed, suitable for mass production, and can complete mass production in a short time; flexible rotary machine printing is mainly ink. It will be brighter, more vivid, with good visual effects, and of course the price will be higher!