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What is the wash label? Where is it used?

June 07, 2022

The washing label is mainly to allow consumers to refer to the composition and content of raw materials and washing methods, and to carry out correct maintenance in the process of wearing. Generally, it will be in the middle of the back collar, under or next to the main label in the middle of the back waist, or at the side seam.

Washed labels are labels made of several special materials! Its essence is also a label. Only the material is different from the ordinary paper label. Washed labels are marked with different materials to match different product information. Common wash labels include cloth labels (labels made of fabric), satin labels (labels made of satin materials), and woven labels (labels made of woven labels). In addition to these, there is also a thermal transfer stamping, which uses an advanced fog silver thermal transfer process to directly integrate the pattern and text content into the fabric, turning it into an insubstantial mark, thereby reducing the contact between the traditional mark and the human body. It feels irritating to the skin, wears zero touch, and is skin-friendly, soft and comfortable.

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