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The method of fast quotation of packaging and printing factory in China

April 18, 2022

The custom-made hangtag needs to provide some parameters and samples in order to calculate the cost price quotation. What parameters do custom clothing tags need to provide? How can the hangtag manufacturer quickly calculate the cost quotation for you?

custom clothes tag

Method 1: If there is a tag document: directly provide the document to Qingdao Linhe printing and packaging manufacturer, and you can quickly quote.

Method 2: Provide samples of hang tags: If customers do not have documents, they can also send samples directly.

Method 3: Provide the parameters of the hangtag: the material, thickness, size, printing content, shape, surface treatment, and quantity of the hangtag, and then we can quote you.

The above are the parameters that the user needs to provide when customizing the clothing tag.

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