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Do you know the difference between the weaving label, collar label, cloth label and wash label on clothing labels?

June 16, 2022

People who work in the clothing industry will often come into contact with terms such as weaving labels, collar labels, cloth labels, washing labels, etc. The layman may be confused, what do these mean? Next, the editor of Qingdao Linhe Printing and Packaging will briefly tell you what the woven label, woven label, cloth label and washing label on the clothing trademark mean.


Weaving labels are commonly used as key logos for clothes, apparel accessories, home textiles, luggage, and various handicrafts to distinguish between brands, as well as other sizes, models and specifications of the brand.

The clothing collar label is a logo used in the clothing industry, and its application range is much smaller than that of the woven label. The collar label is generally sewn on the collar and waistband of the clothes. When buying clothes, we can quickly grasp the brand and size of the clothes according to the collar label.The collar tag is an important information mark for a piece of clothing.

Cloth labels are woven labels made of cloth. There are many types of woven labels. Commonly used are cloth art, and some special materials, such as PU leather, wood chips, and shells.

The washing label is also a kind of logo, and the washing label is also widely used in clothing, home textiles, luggage and other industries. But the clothing industry is still one of the most widely used industries. The washing label generally prints the main parameters of the clothes, cleaning, drying and ironing and other common problems. The simple explanation according to the name is: the washing information is also printed on the washing label.

Clothing accessories such as woven labels, collar labels, and washed labels need to be ironed before being sewn onto the product, and then sewed after the clothes are compliant.

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